Mixers with diameter 120 mm

Mixers with M14 threadCat.num
double, right spinning spirals120/2MP/KB
triple, right spinning spirals120/3MP/KB
quadruple, right spinning spirals120/4MP/KB
double, right spinning spirals, extended120/2MP/PB
triple, right spinning spirals, extended120/3MP/PB
quadruple, right spinning spirals, extended120/4MP/PB
Mixers with M14 threadCat.num
double, left spinning spirals120/2ML/KB (made-to-order only)
triple, left spinning spirals120/3ML/KB
quadruple, left spinning spirals120/4ML/KB (made-to-order only)
double, left spinning spirals, extended120/2ML/PB (made-to-order only)
triple, left spinning spirals, extended120/3ML/PB
quadruple, left spinning spirals, extended120/4ML/PB (made-to-order only)
SDS+ fastening mixersCat.num
double, right spinning spirals120/2SP/KB
triple, right spinning spirals120/3SP/KB
quadruple, right spinning spirals120/4SP/KB
double, right spinning spirals, extended120/2SP/PB
triple, right spinning spirals, extended120/3SP/PB
quadruple, right spinning spirals, extended120/4SP/PB
SDS+ fastening mixersCat.num
double, left spinning spirals120/2SL/KB (made-to-order only)
triple, left spinning spirals120/3SL/KB
quadruple, left spinning spirals120/4SL/KB (made-to-order only)
double, left spinning spirals, extended120/2SL/PB (made-to-order only)
triple, left spinning spirals, extended120/3SL/PB
quadruple, left spinning spirals, extended120/4SL/PB (made-to-order only)

Technical specifications (mixers of diameter 120 mm):

  • Bearing bar (both variants - M14 and SDs+ fastenings) - diameter 12,5 mm, length 600 mm
  • Bottom ring bar diameter - 10 mm
  • Mixing spiral diameter - 120 mm
  • Mixing spiral:
    • standard high - 150 mm
    • extended high - 200 mm

Upon request, the 120 mm diameter mixers are also available with a Komaxit paint surface treatment or galvanized.

Mixers with diameter 100 mm