Commercial pressing

Dear customers,
We would like to briefly present our company and its manufacturing capabilities that we have to offer.

Our specialization is divided into two main areas, which are more or less overlapping in their own manufacturing.

The first area is the production, import and export of hand tools, construction supplies and hardware, which we in large part supply by the wholesale network to hardware retailers, construction and retail chains.

The second area is a commercial pressing, in which we mainly produce parts of exhaust systems for automotive industry (lids, bulkheads, catalyst components, etc.), these parts are made of stainless and aluminized plate, and for electrical engineering industry we press parts essential for the manufacture and repair of traction electro-motors.

Due to the wide range of our own products and even commercial contracts, we have experience with pressing various materials, from conventional steel plates through hardened planchettes and a quartz plate, to stainless steel materials various qualities.

We are equipped with presses in the range of 10 to 315 tons, of which presses from 10 to 250 tons are eccentric presses and 315 t press is the crankshaft press with a stroke of 50 mm.

Our main focus is on the pressing medium-sized molded parts with manual loading, we also have two press lines with 100 t eccentric presses and rotary feeders, where we can process material from coils up to the width of 400 mm with a material thickness up to 1.5 mm.

Naturally we also provide pressing products maintenance and on mutual agreement, we are able to ensure the production of new tools, including their constructional processing.

From our customers in the commercial pressing in the automotive industry I would indicate Bosal s.r.o. and Autometal s.r.o. for which we produce parts for exhaust systems mainly from stainless steel material grades 1.4509, 1.4512 and 1.4301. We also cooperate with SKD a.s. Prague, for which we press parts mainly for traction electro motors, with Pipelife Czech s.r.o. (mostly backstop valve inserts).

If you are interested please contact Mr. Aleš Nevrkla (mob: 603 181 164, e-mail: and after mutual agreement we gladly process you a bid for the works demanded.